Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Puppy Diaries: Day 19 ... Where We Go Camping ...

Today we went Camping or To Camp.
We were confused about that - which is it?
Camp Camp Camp ... we're hearing alot of words about it.
Camp to us meant going outside - our first time.

It was okay. We were happy our cozy sleeping bag went with us Out There.
And, we wanna say this right now: Ann is nice, but we think she's a little over the top sometimes. If you know what we mean.

That's MuscleMan WITH HIS FRONT FEET ON THE GRASS! OMG! He does crazy scary things like that all the time. Some of us think that, anyways. Some of us are alot more safer and sensible. He doesn't think what could be Out There.

Ann put MuscleMan back where it was safe...but one of us wasn't so happy he was on top of her. About that time, Big Brother and Almost we're hatching a plan..

Almost left the pile and told us it was safe over there.

Big Brother and MuscleMan left the pile, too. Us sensible girls re-grouped and had a talk. We decided someone should go see what that green shiny thing was on our sleeping bag. Pretty Girl volunteered to hike over there.

Pretty Girl pushed the green thing off our sleeping bag!
Good. We didn't like it there anyway.
But we pretended we didn't see anything and had nothing to do with it. We're no dummies. And then we went back inside. Phew. We survived this day.


Nancy and Panda said...

Quite literate for their age group, aren't they?

Ann said...

Yes they are. And they didn't even use spellcheck. In your face, Border Collies!

Ann C. said...

"Ann is nice, but we think she's a little over the top sometimes. If you know what we mean."
No comment...
But so cute!