Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chase X Dolly pups: 4 weeks

Sire: CH Hearthsides Ready Set Go! TD RN "Chase"
Dam: CH Tri-Ivory Well Hello Dolly STD-s "Dolly"
Born August 24, 2011
*Reservations full at this time*

Left to Right: Blue Merle Female " #1 "(BMF)
"Baby Chase" (BMM)
" Dan " (BMM)

" # 1 " bmf

Males: "Dan" & "Clark"

#1 & Baby Chase

pile of puppies:  "Chubby" bmf, left front, "Sweetie Bug" btf far right

Left: "Dan", Black tri male "Little Eddie" middle, "#1" right


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chase & Dolly Litter: 2 Weeks Old

Sire: CH Hearthside Ready Set Go! TD RN
Dam: CH Tri-Ivory Well Hello Dolly STDs (Started Trial Dog Sheep)
Born: August 24, 2011
4 males (3 blue merles, 1 black tri)
4 females (2 blue merles, 2 black tris)

Blue merle boy 1^

At two weeks of age: Eyes open, and already toddler-ing around.
A little bit of playing beginning. Lots of sucking on our fingers...mush soon - ugh = messy

Blue merle boy 2^ ("Baby Chase")

Blue merle boy 2 ^

Lots of movement plus wrong setting on camera = fuzzy pups. But leaving this one in because it has 7 of the 8 pups.

Black tri boy rolling over - 2 black tri sisters on left.

Blue merle girl 2 (Kiowa)

Blue boy 3 ("Clark")


2 Blue merle girls

3 girls tails closest to bottom of photo. Other 3 are the boys.

Blue merle 1 girl ("Abby")

2 girls on left, 2 boys on right

Friday, September 9, 2011

The 2011 Litter

Newborn pups and mom, Dolly

The 2011 litter is here - born August 24, 2011

4 girls (2 black tris and 2 blue merles) and 4 boys (1 black tri and 3 blue merles).

The sire is CH Hearthside's Ready Set Go! TD RNOFA Hips: Good Elbows: Normal CERF: Clear HSF4: Negtive MDR-1 Mutant/Normal PHA: Positive

"Chase" who hails from Norton, MA

Here he is jumping for joy because he has new puppies...oh wait...maybe I'm confused....this is when he he was awarded Winners Dog at the USASA Nationals in May:

I LOVE Aussies with verticality! That's owner Susan Winters handling him - she's our hero for getting this litter here!

Here's Chase's official win photo from the 2011 USASA Nationals

The mother of the pups is not an Ebbtide dog, but our beginnings trace to her home: She is from Tri-Ivory, which is where my first show Aussie came from 41 years ago, as well as 2 others since then. Sheila Polk was so kind to lease me a wonderful black tri female, CH Tri-Ivory Well Hello Dolly STDs .

"Dolly" helping me in the garden this summer

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally: A Lands' End catalog photo!

See page 10-11 in the Plus Size catalog here

Yep: Those are two Ebbtide dogs: left: "Emmy" Ebbtide Wish Come True CGC owned by Pam and Harold Michalek and myself, and right, "Spencer" BBXBIS AKC/ASCA CH Ebtide Fine Fellow CD, working it for Lands' End last April. "Spencer" is owned by Judi Scherrer and myself and I was the lone dog wrangler for this gig. This vineyard was just a few miles from our house. The lovely human model was a charming woman, originally from Texas, now from NYC.

It was a hot, hot day that day and a couple rattlesnakes were seen up at the staging area. Not a single word of the 100 degree heat was heard from any models. Me, on the other hand...

We also worked two days doing more LE photo shoots out near Bodega Bay on a big ranch. "JJ" AKC/ASCA CH Ebbtide Careful What You Wish, was also an "accessory" model and had some beautiful shots taken out on the coast in a rock outcrop...I'd love to see those.

This is a shot taken by the ranch owner - Emmy and Spencer again.

It was an exciting experience and challenging work at times, doing some distance, off-leash walking with the models with 2 and 3 dogs. The sitting and cuddling shots were a piece of cake.

Hope to see more of the dogs in Lands' End fall catalogs soon! But, who knows..