Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Puppies Diaries....4 weeks and 6 days

Even though we are incarcerated, we are keeping busy.

LL Bean racing off to...somewhere...

In fact, every day - sometimes 3 times a day - our jail changes.

We overheard Ann say it "stretches our brain".... but we never felt anything...

Sky holds her new toy firmly in place.

The biggest news today: Our food was served crunchy. We really like it crunchy. We liked it so much, we sent back our mushy stuff later. WE LIKE IT CRUNCHY!

Almost admiring the Crunchy Food

We got 2 new sleeping pillows today.

Peanut checking out the new pillow

And many new toys. That poor orange chicken. "Bean" snuck up on him and must have scared the chicken - because it made a horrible sound.

Peanut in the bowl again, Marshmallow eating again, LL Bean with the chicken again

And we still spend alot of time sleeping


Almost and Bean sleeping

Our mom sleeps, too. Sometimes we stay awake while she's sleeping

Peanut and sleepy Cali

Most the time our mom is keeping a lookout for Things Up On The Hill...


When we asked her what KINDS of Things On The Hill she is looking for, she said "Things That Might Hurt Little Nosey Puppies"

Marshmallow looks for Things On The Hill, too