Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seeing old friends (and flowers) in Longview, WA

Sophie, left, and Eddie, right

"Eddie"   Ebbtide Eddie Bauer  (CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird x Ebbtide As You Wish)  20 months

"Sophie"  Ebbtide Sophie's Choice  (CH Carolina Rave Reviews CD ATDds STDs RS-N JV-O HOF  x  Ebbtide Chatelaine MACH)  7 yrs
  Fern and I recently took a trip to Oregon and Southern Washington.  We had the pleasure of visiting old friends and old Ebbtide puppies.  Many thanks to the Kirkpatricks for their gracious hospitality and wonderful care of their dear dogs, "Sophie"  Ebbtide Sophie's Choice  (the Academy Awards Litter) and "Eddie"  Ebbtide Eddie Bauer (the Camping Litter).
  The Kirkpatricks and  Washington never disappoint, even in the rain: The Rhododendrons were in full bloom, and I borrowed a raincoat (who goes to the PNW without a raincoat? and headed down to Lake Sacajawea Park in lovely Longview and stomped about and took alot of  photos:

I told you it was alot. It was beautiful.  My only complaint: I hope to see a group of Rhodies in that bare spot to the left of the fountain NEXT time I come. (And less rain.)