Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ebbtide Call Of The Wild "Piper" aka Peanut

Peanut/Piper At 12 weeks of age, above and below

We are pleased to announce that Peanut - now known as "Piper" Ebbtide Call Of The Wild is happily ensconced in her new home in Castro Valley, CA with owners Lynn Ungar and Kelsey Hartman and their daughter, Mattea. "Piper" shares her home with two other dogs (with tails!): a 9-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, "Coretta" Sunshine's Freedom Rider CDX RE DD W-FDM/MF W-FDX/HTM) and a five-year-old Belgian Tervuren, "Taz", LandmarkMontage Puppetmaster CDX AX OAJ OF RE W-FCh./MF W-FDM/HTM. As you can see, we are thrilled that Piper will be the beneficiary of Lynn's skilled training and handling!

Piper loves her new mom, Lynn!

And Lynn loves Piper

Piper adjusted quickly to her long-tailed, pointy-eared brother, Taz, who played very kindly with her at their first meeting and continues to keep her engaged. In fact, she likes him so much, she wants to have ears like him, too.....hmmm....we're hoping that is just a teething thing.

Mattea and Taz the Terv play tug with Piper
Here is the official Christmas photo Lynn sent:
People, left to right: Lynn, Kelsey & Mattea. Dogs left to right: Coretta, Piper and Taz

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ebbtide Good Ol' Greetin' UD "Howdy"

Those cute little pups have been hogging all the blog space here lately. So my apologies to Judie Howard and her dog, "Howdy", EBBTIDE GOOD OL' GREETIN' UD and their spectacular AKC obedience accomplishments in October and November! Howdy is from the "G" Litter - now 4 years old and Ebbtide Madam President CD, "Maddie"'s last litter by CH Rainedance Written In Stone CD AX AXJ.
Here's a summary of the awards and placements HOWDY and Judie garnered - there should have been at least THREE blog posts to report all this...again, my apologies. It sucks that cute trumped actual performance here ;-) curse you, puppies...
OCTOBER - Del Valle KC cluster shows:
4th Place UTILITY B, score 194 - Skyline KC , Livermore, CA, Judge Alvin Eng: 20 entries in this class (Utility B - the big guns) - Howdy's 2nd UD leg.
3rd Place Utility B, score 195.5 Del Valle DC, Livermore, CA, Judge Christopher Cornell
24 entries. HOWDY EARNS HIS UD AND picks up 3 pts toward his OTCH and 12 points towards hi OM1!
Nov. 6 2nd Place Open B score 196.5 Napa Valley DTC, Vallejo, CA, judge Beatrice Moore
Nov. 7 3rd Place Utility B score 191 Vallejo DTC, Vallejo, Ca, judge Carolyn Wray
1st PLACE OPEN B score 199 !! Vallejo DTC, Vallejo, CA, judge Kenneth Blanchard
And his first UDX leg!
Nov. 28 2nd Place Utility B San Joaquin KC, Stockton, CA
1st Place OPEN B 198.5 judge Kent Delaney
He now has 2 of the 3 first places he needs for his OTCh and is up to 21 points in just four shows!

Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone "Yogi" at 12 weeks

Yogi works on his sit stay...

I just got these photos of Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone "Yogi" (aka MuscleMan) from new owner Barbara Hasey, Concord, CA. She and Yogi are busy training towards Agility competitions. Barbara enjoys his high toy and food drive, energy, quickness to learn, athleticism and that his tail is always wagging. Sounds like it's a great match up! I'm happy Yogi has "big brother" Cody to set a good example, too.

Hope I get some more photos and updates SOON from more of the "Camping" litter! Yogi is sired by CH Calais Carolina Vintage T-Bird and out of Ebbtide As You Wish.
Yogi gets released from his sit stay...

aahhhh..that's what he was after: The tug!

Upsidedown tug with Cody
Yogi loves his grandbaby

Yogi loves his big brother, Cody, too.