Monday, March 1, 2010

It Started Out Innocently Enough...

Lots of rain and a couple of days of sunshine and POP: Spring has sprung!

A request from my partner-in-crafts-crime (AnnC) for a couple of vases of flowers for her school library, led to this:

The Crayon Vase - really easy! With flowers from my garden.
Then JJ and Fern came over to help with the photos - a nice addition to the arrangements, I'd say ;-)
Close up of the Marker Pen arrangement:
Then I took this lovely photo of JJ and the Marker Pen Vase. But I forgot I had found a dead hummingbird on the pool deck and set it on the chair...
Did I say dead? I mean sleeping hummmingbird... poor guy
I don't think it was Ed the Cat..found on the opposite side of the hummingbird..err pool.
He has himself a comfy bed of dead Pennisetum 'Red Bunny Tails'.
Note to self: PRUNE those NOW) . But I DO like the chair with the dead morning glory on it, too...this photo should be a sepia or black & white.
The Sheep aren't saying a word... They are just wondering when Ann will get back to the Round Pen building and JJ and Fern will be out to "take them for a spin". Sort of an Aussie joy ride.