Friday, June 20, 2014

Such Good Little Puppies! 2012 ASCA Nationals

  It's all over but posting the win photos:  I'm talking about a week of shows in Bakersfield with 1300+ Aussies in attendance.  That yearly occasion to see just what you are made of, in the world of Aussies.  I had 3 puppies from our "Time" Litter (CH Hearthside Nothin To Lose CD RN x CH Ebbtide Fern) shown and they did just fine, thank you.  It would not have happened without the help of an old friend, Karen MacDonald, who flew out from Minnesota, she thought, to pick up her new puppy. I'm not sure she knew it included "helping" me: showing multiple pups, washing multiple pups at 7am, loading and unloading puppies to and from the RV to the ring, and picking up lots of poop.  Ahhh, the glamour of a national dog show.  Happily, all our hard work paid off handsomely for Ebbtide Unnamed 1, 2 and 3 (unnamed at Nationals - now named).

 Ebbtide Island Time "Kona" aka "Snuffy"  Blue Merle Male 
   Owned by Ann Atkinson & Stacey Sias
  • Best Opposite Sex Puppy  (Cascade ASC Pre-Show)
  • 2 First Places 
  • 1 Fourth Place
  • not entered at Nationals

"Kona" aka "Snuffy" Ebbtide Island Time 

FIRST PLACE 2-4 Month Puppy Dog Merle "Kona"  Ebbtide Island Time 
Ebbtide It's About Time "Tally" 
Owned by Karen MacDonald

  • 3 First Places 
  • 1 Second Place 
FIRST PLACE 2-4 BLUE MERLE  Sweepstakes Nationals
 Ebbtide It's About Time  "Tally" and breeder Ann Atkinson

  Owned by Ann Atkinson
  • 2 First Places
  • 2 Third Places

Ebbtide No Time To Lose "Vivi" and handler Karen MacDonald
Thank you Judge Tiffany Levin Almeroth

Friday, February 1, 2013

Camper at the 2012 ASCA Nationals - Bakersfield

Ebbtide One Happy Camper shown by breeder co-owner Ann Atkinson
   EBBTIDE ONE HAPPY CAMPER  is just that! Camper, age 2, had a joyful time at the 2012 National Specialy in Bakersfield. In her Rally debut, owner-trainer Maureen McKee-Eidson enjoyed great success in as Camper qualified in all 3 shows (just out of the ribbons in huge classes) to earn her ASCA Rally Novice (RN) degree. All this, and happy, confident and solely postive trained with the clicker.  Huge congratulations and thanks to Maureen for her excellent work and dedication! I'm certain more great things will come in Rally and Obedience with this motivated team.
   The photo above, however, is of her SECOND PLACE win in the American Bred class (20 entries) of the ASCA National Specialty Conformation classes.  I was thrilled to show Camper to this nice win under judge Gail Karamelegos.  Camper started to blow her coat about 2 weeks before Nationals, but we decided to show her anyway.  I'm glad we did!
  Camper and Maureen will be making their AKC Novice B obedience debut in March. If you haven't met Camper, be sure to make an introduction: She's a beautiful, friendly, outgoing and humorous member of the Ebbtide family. Oh, and ask Maureen to show you her bounce.  Camper is from the talented "Camping" Theme litter (what else?!) : Sire by CH Calais Carolina Vintage T-Bird "Vinnie" and out of  Ebbtide As You Wish  "Cali" MultipleGr1BBX.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Official Win Photo - ASCA National Specialty 2012 - Yogi


    He was anything BUT Trouble at the ASCA Nationals in Bakersfield Nov. 2-11, 2012.   We are so proud of  Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone NA, NAJ, NF "Yogi" and owner/trainer/handler Barbara Hasey!  

     Yogi earned 5 ASCA Agility Titles: 
  • Novice Regular
  • Novice Jumpers
  • Novice Gamblers
  • Open Jumpers
  • Open Gamblers.  
  The placement breakdown for the week:
  • WCASA Pretrial  5-Q's, 4 First Places,  Second Place, 1 Third Place 
  • PASA Pretrial  4-Q's, 1 First Place, 2 Second Places, 2 Third Places, 1 Fourth Place 
  • High Plains ASC Pretrial High In Trial Open Dog 6-Q's, 2 First Places, 3 Second Places, 1 Third Place. Yogi was the only Open dog to complete the last gambler's distance challenge that day, so the only dog with 6 Q's.
 And then Barbara says:  "Nationals he only got 1 Q and 1 First in Jumpers."  Only? ONLY?!   I'd say it was a great first ASCA Nationals for Barbara and Yogi.
(Q means a Qualifying Run)
Yogi at work  Photo by Marci Lee
      Congratulations to Yogi and Barbara on a  job well done! Just one of four of the talented "Camping" puppies to perform at the 2012 Nationals.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Litter

Fern and Bodie - The Wedding Photo
 Born July 19, 2012 to our very special AKC/ASCA CH EBBTIDE FERN and by the uber-handsome GRCH/ASCA CH HEARTHSIDE NOTHIN' TO LOSE "Bodie",  we are pleased to present 6 puppies - 2 males (1 blue merle, 1 black tri) and 4 females (1 blue merle, 3 black tris).
Here they are at 4 weeks of age:

Now taking competition/performance home reservations on this litter; possibility of an active, training-centered companion home spot on the list, too. Our goal when choosing this breeding combination was a litter sound in mind and body, with breed type and conformation quality and performance talent in agility, obedience/rally and possibly some decent herding talent. MVA competitors?

Evaluations will be made around 8 weeks of age, entire litter CERF'd between 7-8 weeks.  We don't take reservations by sex/color: We place puppies by temperament and suitability to task they are required to perform.  Bodie is now a Hall of Fame Sire in ASCA, and Fern's first and only litter has produced: An AKC Champion, multiple AKC Group 1 BBX winner,  2 ASCA Champions, AKC/ASCA UD , ASCA Nationals RWD, ASCA Obedience Open Finals winner, Rally titled, Agility titled and Herding Tested offspring, and more competing to come.

Both parents, of course, are 2012 CERF clear, OFA hips (Bodie Excellent, Fern Good) & both OFA elbows Normal. MDR-1 results: Bodie Norma/Normal, Fern Mutant/Normal; Both DNA Hereditary Cataract Clear.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gotcha Earns Her AKC UD

                 HUGE congratulations to Susan Gore and "Gotcha",  
    A-CH Ebbtide Gonna Getcha UD RE GSN JSN RSN 
 for completing their AKC Utility Dog (UD) title! AND doing it in style with THREE FIRST PLACES
   Unless you've trained to a UD degree, it's hard to fully appreciate what it takes to get there...especially if this is your first dog you've trained for obedience competition.  Way to go, owner/trainer/handler Susan and Trish Maddan,  co-owner and #1 Team Gotcha Fan and Supporter! Team Gotcha resides in Concord, California.
  Susan plans to continue showing Gotcha in Open B and Utility towards her OTCH and UDX degrees.  I'm guessing she will reach THAT goal, too!
  Gotcha is the over-achiever from the "G" Litter, out of our very special "Maddie" Ebbtide Madam President CD and by "Baron"  GCH Rainedance Written In Stone CD AX AXJ.  Thanks for making us look good, Gotcha, Susan & Trish!
  The moment she is awarded her First Place ribbon and medal for completing her AKC UD!  
   Love how Gotcha is watching Susan - GOOD girl!  Stay tuned for the official win photo...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ebbtide Trouble in Jellystone "Yogi"

'Yogi'   Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone  (CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird x Ebbtide As You Wish)  photo credit: Michele Marci Lee - Thanks so much!
   I love this photo of  "Yogi" Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone I received from his talented owner/trainer/handler Barbara Hasey of Concord, CA:
  •   His concentration
  •   His collection
  •   Rear feet position
  •   Front feet position  
  •   The short version? Athlete!
    Here's Barbara's most recent  report from July 3, 2012:  "We ended up with 3 of 3 Q's and a 1st place at AKC 2 weeks ago, and 4 of 5 Q's (all 2nd places) last weekend at USDAA."  Congratulations, Barbara and Yogi!

The short version: 
  • 8 runs, 7 Qualifying 
  • One 1st Place (AKC Trial)
  • Four 2nd Places  (USDAA Trial)
   "Yogi" is from the "Camping" Litter, born Sept. 2010 out of multiple BBX GR1 Ebbtide As You Wish "Cali" and sired by CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird, "Vinnie".  

   Great things to come from this happy, positive-trained and energetic Agility team! Once again, a huge thanks to another dedicated and inspiring owner/trainer, for giving this Ebbtide dog a chance to shine.   Well done, Barbara!

  "Yogi", not yet 2 years old, has a summer of Agility competitions planned.  I, for one, look forward to watching him and Barbara compete!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seeing old friends (and flowers) in Longview, WA

Sophie, left, and Eddie, right

"Eddie"   Ebbtide Eddie Bauer  (CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird x Ebbtide As You Wish)  20 months

"Sophie"  Ebbtide Sophie's Choice  (CH Carolina Rave Reviews CD ATDds STDs RS-N JV-O HOF  x  Ebbtide Chatelaine MACH)  7 yrs
  Fern and I recently took a trip to Oregon and Southern Washington.  We had the pleasure of visiting old friends and old Ebbtide puppies.  Many thanks to the Kirkpatricks for their gracious hospitality and wonderful care of their dear dogs, "Sophie"  Ebbtide Sophie's Choice  (the Academy Awards Litter) and "Eddie"  Ebbtide Eddie Bauer (the Camping Litter).
  The Kirkpatricks and  Washington never disappoint, even in the rain: The Rhododendrons were in full bloom, and I borrowed a raincoat (who goes to the PNW without a raincoat? and headed down to Lake Sacajawea Park in lovely Longview and stomped about and took alot of  photos:

I told you it was alot. It was beautiful.  My only complaint: I hope to see a group of Rhodies in that bare spot to the left of the fountain NEXT time I come. (And less rain.)