Thursday, June 18, 2015

CH Ebbtide No Time To Lose "V.V." New Champion and puppies!

We had a whirlwind May 2015:  "V.V." came in heat unexpectedly, timing is perfect for a summer litter, eyes, hips & elbows testing completed (Normal, Good and Normal!) AND we finish V.V.'s ASCA Championship in a fantastic 3-show day with a clean sweep: 3 Winners Bitch awards, 3 majors and 2 Best of Winners!
We are pleased to introduce ASCA Champion Ebbtide No Time To Lose (this photo from 2014).  Did I mention it rained ALL DAY at the outdoor show?  We looked a little...umm...soggy in her New Champion photos, so recycling this sunny day photo:

V.V. Fall 2013 age 1.3 yrs
V.V. Spring 2012 9 months old

V.V. helping in the garden Summer 2014 age 2

L to R: Blue merle, mom CH Ebbtide Fern and "V.V." in their favorite game. That's 1/2 brother CH JJ behind
How "V.V." celebrates Christmas

   We are very excited about her upcoming litter (due late June 2015) by the handsome young dog, AKC/ASCA CH. Spring Fevers Wanna Dance  "Tyce".  I had the pleasure of meeting and judging "Tyce" at the 2014 ASCA Nationals in Texas, where I awarded him Winners Dog.  I love his moderation, balance, soundness and beauty.  I also love his sensible temperament, vertical bounce (just like V.V.), and how (just like V.V.) he leans hard into people for a scratch.  There's lots more to love, including his pedigree and health clearances.   You can read and see more photos of Tyce here (be sure to click on "GALLERY" to see lots of great photos):
  Performance and versatility prospects with loads of beauty, soundness, intelligence and ability are what we're hoping for (as always). As always, experienced performance homes are preferred, and though V.V. is not performance titled in stock or obed/rally/agility yet, it's not because of any lack of talent: Just an owner (me) who isn't training as hard as I did in my younger days! I'm always hoping for an experienced, committed  Versatility Competition home for my pups.  They will be tested on ducks and have some exposure to both ducks & very limitedly to sheep. Contact me if this interests you (ann dot ebbtide at gmail dot com).  "V.V." is out of our very special AKC/ASCA CH Ebbtide Fern (CH McMatt's EZ Goin' OA NAJ  and Ebbtide Madam President CD AKC HIT) and buy HOF GCH Hearthside's Nothin' To Lose CD RN "Bodie".   This will be our only litter in 2015.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tally's New ASCA Champion photo

ASCA CH Ebbtide It's About Time May 2014
  The beautiful ASCA CH Ebbtide It's About Time.  Quite possibly my favorite win photo of all time! Tally and owner/handler Karen MacDonald finish her ASCA Championship in Hugo, MN under judge Ron Moden. Handler and dog look great and never has the lowly dandelion looked so stunning!  From the talented "Time" Litter sired by GCH ASCA CH Hearthside's Nothin' To Lose CD RN and out of ASCA/AKC CH Ebbtide Fern.


ASCA Obedience Trial Champion Panda!

   I am giddy to hear that Nancy Pantusa, Dallas, TX, and "Panda" have earned their ASCA Obedience Trial Championship!  Officially, "Panda" is now ASCA CH OTCH Ebbtide Your Wish's My Command UD. I couldn't be happier for one of my favorite teams!  Adding more goodness to the Wish Litter by CH Tri-Ivory Make A Big Wish x AKC/ASCA CH Ebbtide Fern. Thanks, Nancy!
ASCA CH OTCH Ebbtide Your Wish's My Command UD

AKC Obedience Trial Champion Tonic!

  We are so pleased to announce that Judie Howard and "Tonic" have earned their AKC Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH). They did this in the incredibly competitive Northern California region, where I have actually seen 4th place in Open B with a score of 198 ++.    Yes - it's that tough!      Anyways - Tonic is now: OTCH Ebbtide Effervescent Elixir UDX2 OM2. Here is Team Tonic with another AKC High In Trial Award.  That's Judie Howard and her husband, Gary Howard, who I coerced into the photo to hold a rosette.  Many thanks to Gary for all his support of Team Tonic!  "Tonic" is from the "E" Litter out of our remarkable Ebbtide Madam President CD.

Master Agility Champion Dash!

    Big congratulations go to Joy Mueller and "Dash" for earning the AKC Master Agility Champion title.  Dash is now officially  
MACH Ebbtide Express Wishes MX, MXJ, AF, CGC.  What a great achievement!  Dash is another talented member of the "Wish" Litter sired by CH Tri-Ivory Make A Big Wish and out of our AKC/ASCA CH Ebbtide Fern.  Thanks for all your hard work, Joy. 

MACH Ebbtide Express Wishes and owner Joy Mueller


Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebbtide It's About Time "Tally" wins BIG at the 2013 ASCA National Specialty

From our talented "Time" 2012 Litter sired by GCH ASCA CH Hearthside's Nothin' To Lose CD RN and out of our AKC/ASCA CH Ebbtide Fern we'd like to congratulate Karen MacDonald and "Tally",   Ebbtide It's About Time on an amazing ASCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY WINNERS BITCH award in Greeley, CO.
  Thank you, senior Breeder Judge Judy Norris for this honor, pictured below with owner/handler Karen.  Tally won from the 12-18 month class.

 Ebbtide It's About Time "Tally", Winners Bitch, ASCA 2013 National Specialty

  I love the win photo taken the day before for her class win:

   Tally's sister, Ebbtide No Time To Lose "V.V.", who lives here at Ebbtide, was a couple spots behind Tally in the same class, and won THIRD PLACE 12-18 MONTH BITCH .  "V.V." was sporting noticeably less hair than her fluffy sister and I almost pulled her from the competition. Sadly, V.V.'s win photo from Nationals was poor quality. But here she is, below,  7 months later (with hair!) winning a nice RESERVE WINNERS BITCH at a large (5 point major) ASCA show in central California.  Thank you ASCA Breeder Judge Canby Scott for your nice praise of V.V.  She has a large gallery of admirers at home and pretty much wherever she goes. I love her athleticism, intelligence, willingness to please, speed, working instinct and pretty dependable "Off" button.  I hope to have her in many performance venues.

Ebbtide No Time To Lose with Breeder/Owner/Handler Ann Atkinson
and breeder judge Canby Scott

Friday, June 20, 2014

Such Good Little Puppies! 2012 ASCA Nationals

  It's all over but posting the win photos:  I'm talking about a week of shows in Bakersfield with 1300+ Aussies in attendance.  That yearly occasion to see just what you are made of, in the world of Aussies.  I had 3 puppies from our "Time" Litter (CH Hearthside Nothin To Lose CD RN x CH Ebbtide Fern) shown and they did just fine, thank you.  It would not have happened without the help of an old friend, Karen MacDonald, who flew out from Minnesota, she thought, to pick up her new puppy. I'm not sure she knew it included "helping" me: showing multiple pups, washing multiple pups at 7am, loading and unloading puppies to and from the RV to the ring, and picking up lots of poop.  Ahhh, the glamour of a national dog show.  Happily, all our hard work paid off handsomely for Ebbtide Unnamed 1, 2 and 3 (unnamed at Nationals - now named).

 Ebbtide Island Time "Kona" aka "Snuffy"  Blue Merle Male 
   Owned by Ann Atkinson & Stacey Sias
  • Best Opposite Sex Puppy  (Cascade ASC Pre-Show)
  • 2 First Places 
  • 1 Fourth Place
  • not entered at Nationals

"Kona" aka "Snuffy" Ebbtide Island Time 

FIRST PLACE 2-4 Month Puppy Dog Merle "Kona"  Ebbtide Island Time 
Ebbtide It's About Time "Tally" 
Owned by Karen MacDonald

  • 3 First Places 
  • 1 Second Place 
FIRST PLACE 2-4 BLUE MERLE  Sweepstakes Nationals
 Ebbtide It's About Time  "Tally" and breeder Ann Atkinson

  Owned by Ann Atkinson
  • 2 First Places
  • 2 Third Places

Ebbtide No Time To Lose "Vivi" and handler Karen MacDonald
Thank you Judge Tiffany Levin Almeroth