Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cute Alert - 16 Days Old

"MuscleMan" black tri male

L to R, front row: Pretty Girl, Legal, MuscleMan, Marshmallow
In the back row: "Almost" asleep on her unnamed sister's back, Plain Jane snoozing

Facing camera: L to R: Pretty Girl, Almost. "Legal" far right

"Legal" black tri male on his back looking at you. Plain Jane snuggled in behind him - I find her there alot - he's a good heat source. Walking behind them is Pretty Girl black tri . Big white collar in center is boy MuscleMan. Blue merle at bottom of photo is snoozing Marshmallow.

"Pretty Girl" at top left, "Legal" under her nose

Cali's pups are 16 days old today - and eyes are open and they are responding to sound. They also are trying to climb over the 6" board that confines them. In fact, there were a couple pups out this morning. The 12" board will be installed today. We've had a heat wave this week (109 Monday, 105 yesterday, today's forecast 100). The pups have moved into the kitchen/dining area in an ex-pen during the day, to take advantage of air conditioning. Then at night, back out to laundry room. A great socializing/new smells/sounds experience.

OK OK I know - less talk more photos:

"Almost" blue merle female trying to escape (she's been succesful). Standing at rear is boy "Legal" with his nose on "Plain Jane". "MusleMan" is curled up asleep - you can see the little stripe of white on his ear. His nose is near "Marshmallow" whose pretty black teardrop we see. She has her head on the other unnamed blue merle girl (who is very very cute).

Marshmallow waves goodbye - on her left Pretty Girl. On the right, blue sister Almost and black tri MuscleMan.

Here's half the reason these pups are so cute:

Sire of the litter, CH Calais Carolina Vintage T-Bird "Vinnie"

Here's the other half of the reason:

Ebbtide As You Wish "Cali" (mom)

Cali winning First in the Herding Group BBX Competition at Golden Gate KC, Jan. 2010.

Cali working with Judi on off leash heeling - about 4 weeks pregnant. She combines her intelligernce, enthusiasm, precision and athleticism in everything she does.

You're wondering what the theme will be for this litter? CAMPING ! Feel free to submit all ideas.

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Judi said...

Must clarify one thing on the picture of my working with Cali... Cali is 4 weeks pregnant not me!!!