Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2015 Litter: Photos - Birth to 4.5 weeks of age

The day before turning 7 weeks old: Maybelline tells Baby Fern just what she thinks of her. Black tri boys (Blazey, left and Wave, right) bookend the group. That's Zorra's black tri head on the bottom of the pile.

13 days old
 Cuteness abounds in this beautiful litter!  They come by it honestly:  Here is the sire CH Spring Fevers Wanna Dance "Tyce" 
CH Spring Fevers Wanna Dance "Tyce" April 2015
photo by Amber Jade Aanensen Photography

Tyce and Katelyn Scott, Winners class USASA 2013 Nationals
First Place 9-12 months Class

I love this photo of Tyce and Katelyn!
 ASCA Nationals 2013, Winners Dog

and mother CH Ebbtide No Time To Lose ("V.V.") 
CH Ebbtide No Time To Lose "V.V." 
"V.V." March 2013 Reserve Winners to a 5 pt major California

  The six girls (3 blue merles, 2 black tris) and 3 three boys (1 blue merle, 2 black tris) are growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to  first-time mother V.V., who is milking like a Holstein and keeping her pups in pristine condition.  Full tummies, quiet, clean, vigorous, healthy puppies: A breeder's dream.  They were born June 25, and turn 5 weeks old tomorrow (July 30, 2015).  They have started eating soaked puppy kibble mixed with cottage cheese and are almost all paper/pad trained. This morning, one of the girl pups was whining to get outside to go potty -  what a good girl! We are in the midst of a triple digit heat wave, so the door was kept closed and the AC going.  I was thrilled to see her want to use the outside area at such a young age! 

Still taking reservations on this litter. We place on temperament and suitability of pup to their new home. Color/Sex preferences best if left flexible (you're not buying shoes..) I make the placement decisions at approx 8 weeks of age.  You may email me at: ann dot ebbtide at gmail dot com

Enjoy the most recent photos below, ending with the photos at birth.

Black tri "Heart" girl 4.5 weeks

"Baby Fern" 4.5 weeks
4 1/2 weeks old: Blue merle girl, Maybelline &  black tri boy, Blazey

Blue merle boy, "Big Guy"  27 days

How puppies sleep 27 days: Black tri girl "Zorra" and "Baby Fern" (she's Big!)

10 days old

One day old