Sunday, October 24, 2010

Puppy Diaries...Day 41...Where Ann Says "Kennel ! "

We found this new thing in our pen outside:

Muscleman went in first

It had our pillow in it.

We went inside to check it out.

L toR in crate: Camper, Muscleman, Almost. By bowl, Sky; Marshmallow hidden.

SURPRISE! Ann handed us bites of something REALLY REALLY tasty.


We heard Ann say "Yum. Leg of Lamb." "Kennel."

Then she took our picture.

L to R Camper, Muscleman, Sky, Peanut, Almost (asleep!?) Marshmallow at rear. Bean was asleep in the airline crate.

Ann made a movie of us in the crate, but Blogger wouldn't load it :-(

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