Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zayvee's First Agility Trial

Zayvee (Ebbtide Google's Gambol) and owner/trainer/handler Warren Teitelman competed in their first agility trial this weekend. The CPE trial was held in Palo Alto.
Zayvee qualified in 4 of 6 runs and won two fourth places!
Congratulations Warren & Zayvee!
Zayvee is from the "G" Litter (Baron x Maddie).

photos by David Wong

Thursday, June 18, 2009



That's "Emmy" Ebbtide Handful Of Wishes, on the left, and her well-dressed brother, "JJ", Ebbtide Careful What You Wish, as they posed for their Ofiicial Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Photo:

Emmy and JJ just completed a 12 week obedience class with Trainer Lissa Wall at Tails-A-Waggin' Dog Obedience School in Santa Rosa, CA . (Thanks, Lissa - It was fun!) Emmy is owned and trained by Pam Michalek. (JJ is my dog...but you might have known that). This past Monday night they performed brilliantly on the 10 Test Items, which, in upholding The Ebbtide Golden Rule, they passed with ease.

You can read all about the 10 Test Items you must perform to earn a CGC Certificate right here:

You can also find an evaluator and/or class to train and take the test, by scrolling down on that site.

Personally, I think every dog should be trained for at least their CGC - And I'll add Rally Novice to that! Besides, it's fun and your dog will love you MORE for taking him/her to class and training at home. Really.

The CGC Test stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.

AKC awards a certificate, NOT a title for this simple test (in other words, CGC is NOT part of their registered name). CGC is a great starting point towards earning Rally, Obedience, Agility and even Herding and Tracking titles. Your veterinarian will also appreciate a dog that has passed his CGC test.

I know there are lots of Ebbtide dogs out there who started with their CGC, and I applaud you! Get yourself and your dog to a class now and join our ranks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Bird. It's A Plane. No. It's DASH!

I received this photo recently and would like to publicly thank "Dash", Ebbtide Express Wishes, for saving the inhabitants of Sonoma County ( and ALL the world!) from a small, but quite possibly, deadly, UFO.



Is that a frisbee?

Way up there? Whooshee Mama! That's Big Air!
And apparently his landing was fine. But I wouldn't be doing my job as An Ethical Breeder without saying: Kids, don't try this at home. Or perhaps my disclaimer is more appropriate: "Frisbee catching has inherent risks you should discuss with your veterinarian."
Har har. His owner IS a veterinarian. She says she saving up for the surgeon specialist fees...

(Those ears are only up because he was in flight)
Dash is from the celebrated WISH Litter (BIS CH. Tri-Ivory Make A Big Wish x CH Ebbtide Fern). He is competing in agility (no surprise) and has been seen occasionally in conformation. I expect some nice things from this dog and owner Joy Mueller.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Luna's owner/trainer/handler for the past 15 years, Laurie Rubin, sent me this. Luna passed away last Monday. Luna & Laurie achieved many goals and made many memorable performances in obedience, freestyle and, briefly, Junior Showmanship, with Laurie's daughter, Ariela. She will be missed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Panda Does A Michael Phelps: Swims Great AND WINS BIG

That little black bundle of energy, cuteness and correctness, "Panda" (Ebbtide Your Wish Is My Command) wowed them in College Station, Texas today! Team Ebbtide -Texas Coordinator, Cathy Franklin, called ASAP after the Winners Bitch class at the New Hope ASCA show : Ms. Panda did, indeed, win First Place in a stellar 12-18 Months class, and then waltzed out of Winners Bitch with either a 4 or 5 point Major! The Coordinator wasn't sure of the exact number of points -she has now been schooled on such important matters. Incredibly talented owner/trainer/Senior Handler Nancy Pantusa showed those Junior Handlers how it's done and trotted Miss P again to a BEST OF WINNERS award in the Best of Breed class. Yee haw! Panda is a member of the WISH Litter, by CH Tri-Ivory Make A Big Wish and out of CH. Ebbtide Fern. Again, we weren't sure how many points Panda earned today, but they assure me it was 4 or 5 points. I'm still waiting for the exact number, Cathy & Nancy... and the Win Photo!
Update: Nancy says it was a 5 Point Major !!!!
In lieu of that, I offer the most recent photos of Panda and her Team, that I have:

In this photo, above, left to right: Trish, Panda, Cathy, Flirt. Not sure what they did with Nancy - oh, I remember: Nancy and I were off on a plant hunt at this incredible nursery on our first leg of the Awesome Texas Vacation. Trish, Cathy & Susan (the photographer) were a bit bored and took photos while the gardeners in the group ooohed and ahhhed at plants. Back to Panda: Isn't she just beautiful? And her BFF, Flirt, who is also an Honorary Ebbtide dog. We love you, Flirty.

Once we arrived at The Ranch (look for a future blog about this), Panda, Nancy and I strolled down to Ebbtide Creek:

Nancy snapping off the leash at the creek. FYI: It was soda in the cup.

First Panda got her feet wet...

Then, below, she's doing the famous Fern-Bubble-Blowing-In-Water Trick (I didn't know that was an inherited trait):

Then she just went for a swim. Nancy says this was the first time she'd ever been in water:

Below: Panda NOT drowning (relax, Nancy):

Then she went back up to the creekbed where she decided to submerge her head:

THEN she decided to submerge her entire BODY! That black spot in the water, lower right, just above the rock wall, is Panda:

Turns out, she was rolling under water, in algae. Nice, Panda.

When she came up, she looked like this:

Here's hoping Nancy and Cathy send today's win photo soon, so we can see a pretty Panda!
A HUGE congrats to Nancy, Panda and many thanks to Cathy, Team Ebbtide Assistant #5 !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Is An ROM? Good Question...And What About HALL OF FAME?

Thanks to Warren for actually asking, what many of you may have wondered:
"What is an ROM?"
It stands for Record of Merit. The United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA) has a program to honor stud dogs, dams and breeders who have produced a certain amount of obedience, rally, agility, conformation champion, herding and tracking titled dogs.
Sound confusing? Don't worry, even us vintage ;-) breeders have difficulty with the program.
Here is a link to the ROM qualifications:

In my last post, I mentioned Maddie (EBBTIDE MADAM PRESIDENT CD) was near her ROM. Wrong. She has surpassed requirements. The catch: I have to mail in the form along with copies of her titled offspring's (1) AKC registration and (2) the actual titles earned from AKC.

Here's where you can help me: Send me copies of any AKC titles that are on the above linked list that any Ebbtide dogs have earned. Include a copy of said Ebbtide dog's AKC registration. Then I can start asemblying all this paperwork and submit it to USASA by Feb, 1 2010 to receive ROMs for Maddie, Rainy (CH Ebbtide Chateau Souverain), Gatsbee (CH Ebbtide A Bee In Your Bonnet CD), and maybe some other Ebbtide dogs.

I'd also like to offer incentive to any Ebbtide dogs to earn a HS (HERDING STARTED) degree .
I think all EBBTIDE needs are 2 AKC Herding Started (your choice - Cattle, sheep or ducks) titled dogs to qualify for Hall of Fame Kennel! We need to get back in the herding arena and get that done. Here's the link to the Hall Of Fame Kennel rules:
You will see Hall of Fame abbreviated as HOF on pedigrees.

You can mail all those copies to me at 1265 Wilson Road, Cloverdale, CA 95425. And thanks! I need to get this done so I can mark it off my Bucket List.

Lesson Over.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where Warren and Zayvee Have Big Fun In The Obedience Ring

We are very proud, excited and happy for Warren Teitelman and "Zayvee" EBBTIDE GOOGLE'S GAMBOL and their stellar performances in Novice A Obedience at the Woofstock 2009 AKC shows in Vallejo, CA this past weekend.

Here's what happened:

Thursday: Qualifying score of 193.5 and

Friday: Qualifying score of 195 and

"Zayvee" Ebbtide Google's Gambol

WOW!! This is Warren's first dog he's trained for competition obedience. Nice work.

I was unable to be there to see his work, but reports say it was darn near perfect and awe-inspiring. I'm never in the right place at the right time...

Zayvee chose to liven things up on Saturday and Sunday when Warren found out the hard way how frustrating obedience can be when smart little dogs chose to "change things up" (Zayvee took a little spin on the long sits..). Hmmm, doesn't the breed standard say the aussie "goes about his work with great style and enthusiasm"?!? Zayvee, that doesn't count in obedience..

I know Zayvee will be back on track in a jiffy, and earning more class placements and high scores! Stay tuned...

Susan (The Official "G" Litter Scorekeeper, owned by Gotcha) informs me that when Zayvee earns his one more leg in Novice Obedience, that will bring the total to 4 of the littermates from the "G" Litter to have earned their CD! And all of them did it with similar scores and placements! (Susan - do you you have those stats?) Anyway - Wow, wow, wow! Thanks to owner/handlers Warren, Judie, Susan and Ariela for putting in such great training! Mom "Maddie" (EBBTIDE MADAM PRESIDENT CD) is on her way to ROM thanks to Zayvee, Howdy, Naya & Gotcha. And let's not forget dad, "Baron", CH Rainedance Written In Stone OA AXJ, for his contribution. Without him, none of this would've been possible ;-)