Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm, warmer, HOT, rain and snow.

January 25 : JJ soaking in the sun by the pool. That's Coleonema 'Sunset Gold' at his....feet

January 31: Daffodils and Euphorbia 'Blackbird'
Feb. 7: Kitties rejoicing for warm weather! (Bob)

Feb. 17 Malcomia maritima (Virginia stock) - a reseeder!!

Ed the cat admires 4 yards of new compost! Note to cats: NOT a kitty potty
We had over two weeks of warm (and dry!) weather in January/February. Sprinklers were going, daffodils blooming, trees budding and blooming. Temperatures in the 80s! I kept telling the garden "Go back to sleep. Mother Nature is messing with you."

yeah - I'm talking to you - go back to sleep

I won't waste my time to talking to you - you're always in bloom

Hollyhocks (single pink) starting under the pink chair

Grapefruit and....Tibouchina....whooaaaa nelly

Rosemary in bloom - it's on schedule for us

As we entered the third week of dry, balmy weather, I joined in the fray with a trip to the nursery to refresh a couple pots and bare spots in the garden.

JJ and flora: Showing the true versatility of (as my young friend, Chris called it) "The Popemobile".

And, yes, I did buy that fragrant yellow scotch broom *gasp* the one on the invasive plant lists. I haven't seen any of this growing invasively in my parts. Two hours west to the coast: yes - lots. It was a moment of fragrance-induced stupor that made me grab it and put it in my cart, all the while cussing the store for having it in stock...I'm planning on putting it in an urn next to the gravel path. It is heavenly fragrant right now. Maybe I'll kill it when it's not so nice smelling....bwaaaahhaahhaahhaa

The blue and white violas (pansies) will be nearby in the ground. As for the pink group, there was a planter that needed filling....

Pink ranunculas, paper whites and pink-with-white edge cyclamen.
Love Love Love this group and officially named it my "Valentines Bouquet" and promptly installed it on the front porch.
Feb. 15 : aahhhhhh
I heart cyclamen. I heart their heart-shaped leaves, too.
Things get kitschy....and then....
Two days later:
Mother Nature, you are so funny.