Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Howdy & Tonic - Brothers On A Mission

Judie Howard and her two dogs, Tonic & Howdy, were at Sacramento KC last weekend, too - while we were fooling around in the conformation ring, they were working hard in the Obedience building.
On Saturday, "Howdy" - Ebbtide Good Ol' Greetin' and owner Judie Howard scored ANOTHER 199 under judge Stephanie Gomez and ANOTHER First Place. No High In Trial this time - an Open B dog with a 200 took that home! Sunday was a tougher day for Howdy - he has us so spoiled! But a Third Place in northern California's highly competitive Novice B class is certainly respectable. His average score in Novice B is .... 198! I think that's out of 8 shows. WOW!

"Tonic" - Ebbtide Effervescent Elixir UDX earned a 198 1/2 in Open B for a Second Place, which gave him 2 more points toward his OTCh (Obedience Trial Champion). Go Tonic Go!

Howdy and Tonic share the same mother: "Maddie" - Ebbtide Madam President CD. It's all in the family...

We need new photos of Howdy & Tonic, Judie!

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