Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gotcha Earns Her AKC UD

                 HUGE congratulations to Susan Gore and "Gotcha",  
    A-CH Ebbtide Gonna Getcha UD RE GSN JSN RSN 
 for completing their AKC Utility Dog (UD) title! AND doing it in style with THREE FIRST PLACES
   Unless you've trained to a UD degree, it's hard to fully appreciate what it takes to get there...especially if this is your first dog you've trained for obedience competition.  Way to go, owner/trainer/handler Susan and Trish Maddan,  co-owner and #1 Team Gotcha Fan and Supporter! Team Gotcha resides in Concord, California.
  Susan plans to continue showing Gotcha in Open B and Utility towards her OTCH and UDX degrees.  I'm guessing she will reach THAT goal, too!
  Gotcha is the over-achiever from the "G" Litter, out of our very special "Maddie" Ebbtide Madam President CD and by "Baron"  GCH Rainedance Written In Stone CD AX AXJ.  Thanks for making us look good, Gotcha, Susan & Trish!
  The moment she is awarded her First Place ribbon and medal for completing her AKC UD!  
   Love how Gotcha is watching Susan - GOOD girl!  Stay tuned for the official win photo...


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Can't wait to get together with our Ebbtide dogs and hear your stories-you rock!
Barbara & Yogi

TilebyBinney said...

Congratulations, Susan and Gotcha! Love hearing the good news! DB