Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ebbtide Trouble in Jellystone "Yogi"

'Yogi'   Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone  (CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird x Ebbtide As You Wish)  photo credit: Michele Marci Lee - Thanks so much!
   I love this photo of  "Yogi" Ebbtide Trouble In Jellystone I received from his talented owner/trainer/handler Barbara Hasey of Concord, CA:
  •   His concentration
  •   His collection
  •   Rear feet position
  •   Front feet position  
  •   The short version? Athlete!
    Here's Barbara's most recent  report from July 3, 2012:  "We ended up with 3 of 3 Q's and a 1st place at AKC 2 weeks ago, and 4 of 5 Q's (all 2nd places) last weekend at USDAA."  Congratulations, Barbara and Yogi!

The short version: 
  • 8 runs, 7 Qualifying 
  • One 1st Place (AKC Trial)
  • Four 2nd Places  (USDAA Trial)
   "Yogi" is from the "Camping" Litter, born Sept. 2010 out of multiple BBX GR1 Ebbtide As You Wish "Cali" and sired by CH Carolina Calais Vintage T-Bird, "Vinnie".  

   Great things to come from this happy, positive-trained and energetic Agility team! Once again, a huge thanks to another dedicated and inspiring owner/trainer, for giving this Ebbtide dog a chance to shine.   Well done, Barbara!

  "Yogi", not yet 2 years old, has a summer of Agility competitions planned.  I, for one, look forward to watching him and Barbara compete!

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