Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chase & Dolly Litter: 2 Weeks Old

Sire: CH Hearthside Ready Set Go! TD RN
Dam: CH Tri-Ivory Well Hello Dolly STDs (Started Trial Dog Sheep)
Born: August 24, 2011
4 males (3 blue merles, 1 black tri)
4 females (2 blue merles, 2 black tris)

Blue merle boy 1^

At two weeks of age: Eyes open, and already toddler-ing around.
A little bit of playing beginning. Lots of sucking on our fingers...mush soon - ugh = messy

Blue merle boy 2^ ("Baby Chase")

Blue merle boy 2 ^

Lots of movement plus wrong setting on camera = fuzzy pups. But leaving this one in because it has 7 of the 8 pups.

Black tri boy rolling over - 2 black tri sisters on left.

Blue merle girl 2 (Kiowa)

Blue boy 3 ("Clark")


2 Blue merle girls

3 girls tails closest to bottom of photo. Other 3 are the boys.

Blue merle 1 girl ("Abby")

2 girls on left, 2 boys on right


Nancy Pantusa said...

Just makes me sleeeeeeeeeeeepy! Nice plump little guys.

Trish said...

i love the guinea pig phase :) i want one!!!!! well, we know which one i want.

Flyfishingmama said...

Oh my.....they sure are growing up fast! I'll take all of them! (just kidding)

Cindy said...

Gorgeous pups! And I am seriously interested in the Cryptic merle boy if he's available. Please let me know. Thanks, Cindy