Friday, September 9, 2011

The 2011 Litter

Newborn pups and mom, Dolly

The 2011 litter is here - born August 24, 2011

4 girls (2 black tris and 2 blue merles) and 4 boys (1 black tri and 3 blue merles).

The sire is CH Hearthside's Ready Set Go! TD RNOFA Hips: Good Elbows: Normal CERF: Clear HSF4: Negtive MDR-1 Mutant/Normal PHA: Positive

"Chase" who hails from Norton, MA

Here he is jumping for joy because he has new puppies...oh wait...maybe I'm confused....this is when he he was awarded Winners Dog at the USASA Nationals in May:

I LOVE Aussies with verticality! That's owner Susan Winters handling him - she's our hero for getting this litter here!

Here's Chase's official win photo from the 2011 USASA Nationals

The mother of the pups is not an Ebbtide dog, but our beginnings trace to her home: She is from Tri-Ivory, which is where my first show Aussie came from 41 years ago, as well as 2 others since then. Sheila Polk was so kind to lease me a wonderful black tri female, CH Tri-Ivory Well Hello Dolly STDs .

"Dolly" helping me in the garden this summer


Lynn Ungar said...

You might want to be careful about those sires with "verticality." Or tell your puppy buyers to order some 42" baby gates....

Ann Atkinson said...

Hahahaha Lynn!! Point taken! I will include it in the List of Things To Buy ;-) Most all my dogs have had good vertical lift when needed...only one dog used it for evil ;-) Maddie (Piper's great grandma) thought she HAD to leap out of ex pens.

Lynn Ungar said...

This morning I let Piper out for her part of agility class -- starting on contacts -- and she merrily leaped over one of the 24" jumps that was set for Taz. The fact that it was well above her head bothered her not at all.

Kate Dourley said...

I still remember Squeezie's (Ebbtide Main Squeeze) verticality in the showring. She would leap at thrown treat, snap and catch and land perfect four square. It was like snapping your fingers at a judge who forgot that there were breeds in the group lineup before Border Collie (back in the very early days of Aussies here in Australia).
She was one of the greatest dogs to ever show and a real credit to you Ann!