Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winners Dog, Best of Winners AND 5 POINTS!!

That would be for "JJ", EBBTIDE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH, Sacramento Valley DFA AKC show (47 class dogs & bitches entered). I entered him on Saturday only this past weekend at the Sierra View ASC Specialty and Supported Shows in Dixon, CA. Since I was the human in charge of "Specialty Arrangements" and Hospitality, it was prudent not to enter too many dogs.
Here's me and JJ, 2nd dog from the right, in the Best of Breed class on his way to BEST OF WINNERS - and 5 POINTS!. This photo taken by my sister, Nancy Moore. It was great fun to have her and niece Stephie come watch and help. And better yet that my dog actually won something nice when I had family members there. I don't know about you, but I can probably count on one hand all the times I've had family watch me at dog shows (no, that's not whining). So thanks, JJ, for coming through for me ;-)

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