Thursday, October 8, 2009


If you're getting tired reading about the 2009 ASCA Nationals, just think how it was to BE THERE!?!
Not that it wasn't enjoyable....
Which brings us to the actual Nationals Conformation competition. First shown was EBBTIDE FENNEL HILL CD in ALTERED OPEN BLACK DOGS - FIRST PLACE and WINNERS DOG!! Again. That's right - it's been almost a year since I had the pleasure of showing him at the Las Vegas ASCA Nationals (where he won the same award). It took us 3 tries in Greeley to get back on our game, but, happily, it came together on Wednesday ;-) By the way, he is now called ALTERED CHAMPION EBBTIDE FENNEL HILL CD ! Nice way to finish a championship!
Next up on Wednesday (after Spencer's awesome Novice B win), was the BROOD BITCH class. EBBTIDE MADAM PRESIDENT CD "Maddie" at 11 years young, WON THIRD PLACE with those over-achieving offspring of hers: CH. SPENCER CD, A-CH FENNEL CD and A-CH GOTCHA CD! It was icing on the cake to look down at those pretty faces and realize all 3 had made a significant win in the Obedience ring the past 2 days!
That was Wednesdays Nationals results...let me catch my breath....
Thursday, EBBTIDE AS YOU WISH "Cali" made a beautiful showing in the BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCH class, but failed to make a placement. We're not calling it a failure, thanks to our many long-time breeder peers who complimented us on her showing that day. Thank very much to all of you for taking time to give us a thumbs up. It was appreciated.
Friday: EBBTIDE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH "JJ" and I got our game on and were thrilled to win the BRED BY EXHIBITOR DOG class! We missed some of our old cronies in there (but wait: maybe we wouldn't have won...!). What an honor to win that class at Nationals! Later that day we returned to the Winners Dog class and got sooo close, ahhh, oh well - we're happy, too, with RESERVE WINNERS DOG! Yes, the old handler, surrounded by the young, quick and wrinkle-free (I'm not talking dogs here) dug deep and trotted soundly (again: not talking dogs) with that amazingly huggable JJ to the bridesmaid (best man? I need oxygen to think) spot. Yes - oxygen: Did you know Greeley, CO elevation is 4, 860 feet? Did you know Cloverdale, CA is 800? Yes. Yes, I should win an award for not dying. Thank you. But, enough about me...
There was more Friday: JJ's cute cute CUTE (and sound) little sister, EBBTIDE YOUR WISH'S MY COMMAND "Panda" (you know: from Texas) made the final cut and unofficially won 6th place in OPEN BLACK BITCH. There were, like, 20 in that class. Nice job, Nancy & Panda! And just 20 months old and still growing hair ;-)
Which now brings us (thank God) to the very last day, Saturday, and Best of Breed. 193 Special Dogs?!?! We were pleased that CH EBBTIDE FINE FELLOW CD "Spencer"made the first cut. It was brutal out there ;-) Congrats to our fellow Northern California buddies, Maddie Ruble and her crew, AND longtime friends Cathy & Alan McCorkle for their BEST OF BREED win with CH Heatherhill Dazzle Park Laine.
Time to go home. Believe me, there are many more stories to tell...but I'm beat!

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