Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Is An ROM? Good Question...And What About HALL OF FAME?

Thanks to Warren for actually asking, what many of you may have wondered:
"What is an ROM?"
It stands for Record of Merit. The United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA) has a program to honor stud dogs, dams and breeders who have produced a certain amount of obedience, rally, agility, conformation champion, herding and tracking titled dogs.
Sound confusing? Don't worry, even us vintage ;-) breeders have difficulty with the program.
Here is a link to the ROM qualifications: http://australianshepherds.org/rom/romrules.htm

In my last post, I mentioned Maddie (EBBTIDE MADAM PRESIDENT CD) was near her ROM. Wrong. She has surpassed requirements. The catch: I have to mail in the form along with copies of her titled offspring's (1) AKC registration and (2) the actual titles earned from AKC.

Here's where you can help me: Send me copies of any AKC titles that are on the above linked list that any Ebbtide dogs have earned. Include a copy of said Ebbtide dog's AKC registration. Then I can start asemblying all this paperwork and submit it to USASA by Feb, 1 2010 to receive ROMs for Maddie, Rainy (CH Ebbtide Chateau Souverain), Gatsbee (CH Ebbtide A Bee In Your Bonnet CD), and maybe some other Ebbtide dogs.

I'd also like to offer incentive to any Ebbtide dogs to earn a HS (HERDING STARTED) degree .
I think all EBBTIDE needs are 2 AKC Herding Started (your choice - Cattle, sheep or ducks) titled dogs to qualify for Hall of Fame Kennel! We need to get back in the herding arena and get that done. Here's the link to the Hall Of Fame Kennel rules: http://www.australianshepherds.org/rom/hofrules.pdf
You will see Hall of Fame abbreviated as HOF on pedigrees.

You can mail all those copies to me at 1265 Wilson Road, Cloverdale, CA 95425. And thanks! I need to get this done so I can mark it off my Bucket List.

Lesson Over.

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