Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, G Litter!

Wow. There is so much to report... I'm behind!
But I HAVE to send Blogging Wishes to that amazing group of dog owners and their dogs...(alphabetically) Athena, Bear, Gotcha, Howdy, Naya, Seele & Zayvee. Proud parents: Mom - Maddie (Ebbtide Madam President CD) and Dad - Baron (CH RaineDance Written In Stone OA AXJ).

Many thanks to Raine Lutz (Baron's owner) for her outstanding photos She has a whole page dedicated to all their achievements check it out!
This is the most bonded, socializing, fun group of puppy owners well as the pups themselves!
And what a bunch of OVER-ACHIEVERS, too. You guys make me look really good. Thanks to all their hard word, this litter probably gets Maddie a ROM...maybe 2.....perhaps I should check that out...

"Gotcha" Ebbtide Gonna Getcha CD RA JSN GSN RSN
I just read in the newest Australian Shepherd JOURNAL, that 2 of the G Litter kids are in the Year End 2008 standings! Gotcha - Ebbtide Gonna Getcha CD RA + all those agility titles - is #1 in their standings for NOVICE A OBEDIENCE!! Lovely blue merle sister Naya - Ebbtide Glamour Girl CD RA JSN is #3 RALLY ADVANCED A !!

"Naya" Ebbtide Glamour Girl CD RA JSN

I can barely keep up with all of Gotcha's titles! That's a little sad - my apologies to uber-owners Susan Gore and Trish Maddan.
Gotcha celebrated her birthday early this weekend by winning Altered Winners Bitch for a 3 point major, finishing her ASCA CD, winning Altered RWB and a 2nd place in Agility! It DID take a village to do all that: Susan handling in obedience and agility, Trish handling her in conformation (Wow!) and me, as ever, giving detailed instructions, grooming and technical support ;-)
But it's not all about dog shows, pretty dogs, national rankings and big awards here (whaatt?)...we are REAL DOGS with REAL DESIRES and WE HAVE FUN: Here is an amazing photo from owners Ken & Linda Brown of thier always-engaging and ultimate party animal, Ebbtide Goodness Gracious ("Seele" aka Zayla..not to confused with Zayvee..)

"Seele" - Ebbtide Goodness Gracious

Ken & Linda - you HAVE to send a pretty picture, in all fairness! But Seele is here to remind you TO HAVE FUN ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, G Litter! Send me your photos to add to this post!


#2 ... aka "Trish" said...

the 'G' litter ... best group of pups EVER!!!!!!!

cloverann said...

Hmmmm, says you, #2 ;-) I'll have to plead the "mom has no favorites" thing... They are some talented dogs in that group, though! Or is it the owners?