Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ebbtide Careful What You Wish - wins again!

That would be JJ - My People refer to him as "Prince JJ" (they whisper behind my back - "She thinks he's sooooo perfect". But I hear them)...
Regardless, you naysayers, The J-Man trotted into the AKC show at Vallejo and trotted right back out (3 times!) with a respectable first place in BBX, Winners Dog AND Best of Winners award and two more points. That makes six - only nine more to go ;-)
I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a good story behind this little win...
Shall we start with the Fastest Wardrobe Change Ever Seen At A Dog Show - and, scary, not in the ladies room? Somehow (somehow) , I had it in my head we were showing at 10:45 am after 6 collies. Since #1 assistant wasn't with me - she tends to obsess over dog show schedules - this was never double-checked that morning. My good pal, Pam (Emmi's mom), agreed to go and be my assistant. She assumed I was reliable (!). Note to my other assistants: Always assume Ann "is reliable" and knows what she's doing - but secretly double check all schedules, equipment and maps. Ok. Fine. So we get there at 10 am,our ring is the first one inside the gate - we have time for a leisurely prep on JJ and me to get on my pantyhose, skirt, jacket & show shoes. Possibly makeup. OK. Fine. At 10:34 am, on my way to the ladies room to change, I stop at the ring to pickup my armband. There are no collies in the ring. There are no collies ANYWHERE around. yikes. Red Flag. I look up at the schedule: "10:30am 2 Bouviers 23 Australian Shepherds". YIKES. The first Aussie is entering the ring. JJ is the 3rd dog into the ring - holy wardrobe change! I run back to JJ, hide behind Debbie Pollard (sorry, Deb - she's probably scarred for life). I have my grooming coat on, but no pantyhose. I rip off my jeans - Pam now jumps in front of me - luckily, there was a wall behind us - I somehow (somehow!!) pull on my pantyhose, skirt, shoes, jacket, grab JJ and run to the ring. Dog #2 is in the ring. I take a deep breath, shake my shoulders, smile and say to myself "No problem. Here I am. Cool as a cucumber and waiting for my turn. Like I've been standing ringside ready to go for 20 minutes. Sweet." In I go - then the ring steward realizes it's me and announces in a huge voice "OMIGOD!! THAT WAS THE FASTEST CLOTHES CHANGE THAT I'VE EVER SEEN!" The judge looks a little perplexed. I want to slap the woman upside the head. Really. I smile at the judge and say wistfully "I had my show times a little mixed up."
Happily, it all worked out and we came home with our 2 points. Thanks to Randy Roberts for this colorful photo that forever captures the result of the Fastest Wardrobe Change Ever and a pretty cute JJ at age 13.5 months:
The Adventure doesn't end there. Oh nononononono. On the way home, the happy dogs, handler and assistant are yakking it up and planning our Mr. Pickle sandwich, when the Driver (me) notices a funny (hahaha) sound from the front end of the van. ERrrrr we stop the van and I hop out. Flat tire. ok no problem. We have Pam's AAA card. Three tow trucks later, and loaded onto the big tilting wrecker-truck, we head to the tire shop. Happily, we found one of the best tire businesses ever --- here's a free plug & many thanks to Diane at The Petaluma Tire Source. Two new tires later we head home.
I love dog shows! And thanks, Pam.


RILOLI said...

Yep, that's pretty much how it happened. As I recall though, it was a grooming table with a somewhat bewildered dog standing on it. JJ and I were finding the lead and bait. My hats off to Ann, a never say die professional with exceptional dogs. It's always an adventure!!!

RILOLI said...

I almost forgot, Emmy was there cheering us all on! What a trooper.