Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving On - It's February! It's Citrus Fair Time!

Myers Improved Lemons in my garden today...now serving: Lemon Drop Martinis...ok, not NOW, maybe tonight.

Our local Cloverdale Citrus Fair http://cloverdalecitrusfair.org/ starts next week ... I usually build a Display Flower Garden, enter photos, advise my 4-H Gardening project with their Junior Flower Garden entry, organize the Junior Dog Show and help the Harvest 4-H Club with their food booth. Did I say I love fairs?!?! Well, I do. Let's roll back the calendar to 1965-1971 (!!) and see Ann showing her market lambs, dairy goats and rabbits at the Santa Clara County Fair while loving being a member of Foothill 4-H Club, Saratoga, CA. She also helped build the club exhibit in the Big Building. Thanks, June Cadwalader, community leader, for being a great listener, patient adult and always willing to give me a ride and feed me! Hmmm. Too bad for MY 4-Hers I'm not that nice...food for thought, Ann...

Speaking of food (nice lead..) this flowering cherry is in full bloom at my house and smells like cinnamon candy: What ever happened to smellavision?

Back to this year's fair: Theme is "Once Upon A Time". awww. The 4-Hers are making a Rapunzel tower and garden. We're excited. (Right?) The garden club (I'm the chair for this year's garden) is making up our own fairy tale - and why not??!! "Once Upon A Time there was lots of water to water your garden...but now we need to conserve water" (but much better written). Ever the teacher, I will strive for an educational AND beautiful garden display. This year I have opted out of having my own professional garden display. No crying please.

On the dog front..it's all about rears: good smelling rears....Fern is in heat (7 days). JJ is finding his squeeky voice.

Does he look a little rattled....? He is.

Thanks to Previously Mean Judi - now known as Generous Judi - he will lower his hormones with Uncle Spencer and sister Cali on a luxury vacation in Sebastopol. Note to Spencer: It's not OK to bite JJ hard when he tries to mount you - just a little nibble please (for education, you know). Note to Cali: Rotsa Ruck.... and thanks Judi. Payback is hell.

JJ's packed his suckie toy and food. I better deliver him now....he's eyeing Turbo and thinking he'd make a swell girlfriend (Oh puhleeze). I hear a toy-size grrrrrrr.
Turbo looking just mahvelous, darling.


gabby said...

Beautiful pix! Turbo is looking good. How come these are big and not the puppies? Were these on your computer? I want some of those lemons, OK?

cloverann said...

Wow, Gabby - You DO have a lot to say! Hey - I explained why the pup photos were small!! Come & get the lemons. Oh - and thanks for dropping by...