Monday, October 17, 2011

Photos from 6+ weeks of age: Chase & Dolly Litter

Blue Merle male "Clark"

Blue merle male "Dan"
  Things are busy and active here!  The puppies have learned to sit and be quiet when I bring their food. I said "learned": That doesn't mean it is 100% yet.  But we work on it at each feeding. Another Ebbtide litter of food-motivated dogs...
Blue Merle male "Baby Chase"
Blue Merle female "Chubby"
  Good News and Bad News on house-training this week: The Good News is he pups are doing a great job of going out of their puppy room, off the covered dog porch and out to the gravel and then beyond that to get to the shavings to go potty. Yay puppies! Very impressive! The Bad News is there was some actual eating of the house in the dog room. Just a little drywall... This seems to be remedied by actually installing the long-overdue trim boards. Just a suggestion, for the future puppy homes: Check for any missing trim at your place BEFORE the pup comes home.
  I'm having problems loading more pics here...will do a "Black Tri" post tomorrow!

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