Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ebbtide Call Of The Wild "Piper" aka Peanut

Peanut/Piper At 12 weeks of age, above and below

We are pleased to announce that Peanut - now known as "Piper" Ebbtide Call Of The Wild is happily ensconced in her new home in Castro Valley, CA with owners Lynn Ungar and Kelsey Hartman and their daughter, Mattea. "Piper" shares her home with two other dogs (with tails!): a 9-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, "Coretta" Sunshine's Freedom Rider CDX RE DD W-FDM/MF W-FDX/HTM) and a five-year-old Belgian Tervuren, "Taz", LandmarkMontage Puppetmaster CDX AX OAJ OF RE W-FCh./MF W-FDM/HTM. As you can see, we are thrilled that Piper will be the beneficiary of Lynn's skilled training and handling!

Piper loves her new mom, Lynn!

And Lynn loves Piper

Piper adjusted quickly to her long-tailed, pointy-eared brother, Taz, who played very kindly with her at their first meeting and continues to keep her engaged. In fact, she likes him so much, she wants to have ears like him, too.....hmmm....we're hoping that is just a teething thing.

Mattea and Taz the Terv play tug with Piper
Here is the official Christmas photo Lynn sent:
People, left to right: Lynn, Kelsey & Mattea. Dogs left to right: Coretta, Piper and Taz


nancy and Panda said...

looks like a fun household. Congratulations to all!

Anonymous said...

Yogi and I hope to see you around the agility sites! Enjoy your new Ebbtide dog...I know you'll love her sweetness and enthusiasm!

Laurie said...

Phil wants to know why the kitty's name isn't posted. I can't wait to meet Piper tomorrow.

Ann said...

Yeah...I felt bad leaving him out, Phil - really..sorry didn't get handsome kitty's name...Lynn?

Lynn Ungar said...

The kitty's name is Finn -- formally Finn McCool the Warrior Cat. (Not that he's registered or anything -- just a shelter cat, but that's the name that describes him.) We also have another cat, Monty, who didn't make it into the picture. Full house! Barbara, we should get the littermates together some time. Fennel, it was great to see you guys, and the new routine is going to be awesome.

Barbara said...

I would love to get them together! I will email you privately. Yogi is a dream dog and I'm sure Piper is too! I hope we can have a reunion of the litter sometime-right Ann??? Barbara, Tim, Cody & Yogi