Monday, March 1, 2010

It Started Out Innocently Enough...

Lots of rain and a couple of days of sunshine and POP: Spring has sprung!

A request from my partner-in-crafts-crime (AnnC) for a couple of vases of flowers for her school library, led to this:

The Crayon Vase - really easy! With flowers from my garden.
Then JJ and Fern came over to help with the photos - a nice addition to the arrangements, I'd say ;-)
Close up of the Marker Pen arrangement:
Then I took this lovely photo of JJ and the Marker Pen Vase. But I forgot I had found a dead hummingbird on the pool deck and set it on the chair...
Did I say dead? I mean sleeping hummmingbird... poor guy
I don't think it was Ed the Cat..found on the opposite side of the hummingbird..err pool.
He has himself a comfy bed of dead Pennisetum 'Red Bunny Tails'.
Note to self: PRUNE those NOW) . But I DO like the chair with the dead morning glory on it, too...this photo should be a sepia or black & white.
The Sheep aren't saying a word... They are just wondering when Ann will get back to the Round Pen building and JJ and Fern will be out to "take them for a spin". Sort of an Aussie joy ride.


Bandit's Pack said...

Great photos! Love the clever vases!

cloverann said...

Thanks, Bandit & Pack ;-)

Nancy Pantusa said...

Nice job, color coordinating the plant with the cat, fairly regal individual.

cloverann said...

Ed the cat color coordinated himself. Who knew? An artistic cat??!! Thanks for reminding me: I'm heading out to prune that grass NOW!

cloverann said...

Hi Donna - I just sent you an email - I did get the package - thanks.