Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween photo

I'm guessing my dogs are thankful I don't dress them up much. Not that I don't appreciate extremely cute dogs in clever outfits. I guess I use my talents elsewhere. Or maybe I don't have costume talents...
Be that as it may, I received these wonderful photos from Ariela Karasov (Ebbtide East ;-)) our good friend in Madison, Wisconsin. She owns two Ebbtide dogs: "Naya" Ebbtide Glamour Girl CD RA JS-N (Baron x Maddie - the "G" Litter) and, along with her mother, Corliss and myself, "Capri" Ebbtide Wish You Were Here (Biggie x Fern - the "Wish" Litter).

"Naya" The Bee and "Capri" The Butterfly
I like how Naya is peaking through Capri's wings

And these would be the two young handlers of the dogs: Daniel and Ariela.

I'm hoping Ariela can squeeze some time in for dog shows from her busy medical school schedule. Oh. wait. Perhaps there are some better priorities there?!

Thanks for the great photos, Ariela!

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