Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zayvee, Warren and their new CD!

Not THAT kind of CD! In the dog show world I sometimes visit, "CD" has long stood for "Companion Dog" degree. It is the first title you can earn in obedience competitions. I always compared it to earning your high school diploma, because, as a younger woman, I felt EVERY dog should have a CD title. Actually, I still do. But, now, in my older, wiser years, I realize that was in my Perfect World.

So, thanks very much to Warren Teitelman and his lovely dog, "Zayvee", EBBTIDE GOOGLE'S GAMBOL CD, for keeping my little dream alive. AND they did it with style! Last weekend at Del Monte KC (very stylish place, by the way) Zayvee and Warren competed in Novice A Obedience and won a FIRST PLACE on Saturday, TIED FOR FIRST on Sunday, but, boohoo, lost the runoff , so came home with a respectable SECOND PLACE. A wonderful accomplishment for first time obedience competitors!! Zayvee had two consistent scores of 193 1/2. Well done, guys!

And Warren was brilliant enough to have this beautiful win photo taken with Saturday's judge, Ken Blanchard. That's Warren on the left and Zayvee in the middle ;-) Here's another dog show tip: The judge holds the prizes and the handler holds the dog leash. And the Breeder takes all the credit...
wait, WHAT?!!?! I'm joking! I will tip my hat to Zayvee's incredible little obedience machine mother, "Maddie" EBBTIDE MADAM PRESIDENT CD. She has produced some outstanding performers for Ebbtide. Of course, she had some help with the "G" Litter - our thanks to their handsome sire, CH RaineDance Written In Stone OA AXJ (THOSE are agility titles).


Trish said...

CONGRATS Zayvee and Warren. That brings the G litter to a collective FOUR CDs!!!!

cloverann said...

Wow - I hadn't counted! Thanks Trish ;-) Gotcha, Naya, Howdy, Zayvee, Yep: 4.